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At Creighton & Associates we understand that life brings many different challenges and most have legal consequences. We understand that life has many administrative demands and contractual eventualities which you and your family will encounter more often than not.

At Creighton & Associates we are committed to put at your disposal not only our LEGAL experience but also our LIFE experience to HELP you make informed decisions but also your LOVED ones.

Although we are more than capable of assisting you with your DIVORCE should same become unavoidable due to an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage we focus our efforts towards protecting the marriage and family unit. At Creighton & Associates we believe in good marriage counselling and if not successful we commit ourselves to fair and cost effective settlement negotiations and mediation.


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The Law firm Creighton Attorneys is situated in Boksburg Gauteng and renders a wide selection of legal services. At Creighton Attorneys our employees are focused on providing our clients with accurate and swift legal assistance at competitive tariffs, presenting innovative solutions and outlook to our forever changing legal systems.

Creighton Attorneys

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Exco Support is a consulting business which is focused on providing specialist support. Our strength lies in our expert consultants who are without exception motivated not by money but by serving Exco in your organisation.

Exco Support

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My Labour Lawyer

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We fully understand the importance of mediating or deciding a dispute quickly and fairly. Creighton & Associates represent clients represent clients at all of the Bargaining Councils of South Africa, the CCMA and also the Labour Court. We have a passion for each client’s cause.

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